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Client Testimonials

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I always knew that I wanted to get solar panels on the roof of my house. However, I wasn’t sure what to do about it. Nick made it sound so easy. He viewed the roof and visited my house to check on a number of things and then made sure that I was happy with everything that he was going to do. On the day of installation, Nick and his team were there all day to complete the job. We were impressed by his dedication to detail. There after Nick made sure that the connections to the main electricity board were correct and even installed an app on my phone so that I could monitor the amount of electricity generated daily. 

I am very happy with my solar panels and with the savings on my electricity bills.  I would recommend Nick highly.

 Jennifer Price – 5.20kW Solar System


I did not know anything about solar but knew it was something I wanted to look into to see if it made sense for my house.  What I found was that from both an environmental and financial perspective it really was a no brainer and actually made me think “I can‘t believe this is not standard practice now!!”. ASV Solar handled the whole process from start to finish – including all the paper work. I ended up transitioning across to solar without any inconvenience at all. My first bill saw me save around 50% – and that wasn’t even with solar for the full quarter!

Nick was great to work with and always happy to answer all the questions I had throughout.  If you are thinking of adding solar – definitely talk to Nick!!

Kieran Buckley – 7.92kW Solar System